Lifting and lashing with products from Gunnebo Industries
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Lifting and lashing

Lifting and lashing

In the Netherlands, we supply a qualified dealer network with lifting components. ELCEE is the official importer of Gunnebo® lifting components and Flaig lifting magnets.

Product range

  • Grabiq® components: master links, crane hook master links, chains, connecting links, safety/load hooks, sling hooks, shortening hooks, (rotating) lifting points, lashing materials and spare parts
  • Classic lifting components: safe working load of 1.1 to 125 tonnes, available from stock
  • Snatch Blocks: range of swivel hooks, shackles, eye fittings or tailboard blocks without fittings
  • Softsling and lashing materials: chains, hooks and tensioners according to EN 12195-3
  • Shackles and rigging screws: DNV 2.7-1 type approved standard lifting shackles for offshore and containers
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Our qualities

Know how

Thanks to 100 years of experience, we are proud to have an abundance of knowledge and expertise

Cost engineering

Transform welded assemblies into cost-efficient castings and forgings


Fully-equipped quality and material labs in Europe and Asia to perform in-house tests


Over 150 qualified production locations around the globe

Local hero

Multiple offices worldwide: ELCEE is your local supplier in a global world

Supply chain

Organising the supply chain from production up to your production line

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