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Your advantages

This animation will show you how we, as ELCEE, deal with your projects on engineered components and assemblies. I hope this helps you to understand where and how we can support you on your projects. Our local ELCEE colleagues are happy to serve you.

Industries we serve

ELCEE serves many satisfied customers in various industries. We have developed our knowledge with our customers by working together on their projects. The main markets we supply are transport, machine building, construction, maritime, offshore and equipment manufacturing.

Our qualities

Know how

Thanks to 100 years of experience, we are proud to have an abundance of knowledge and expertise

Cost engineering

Transform welded assemblies into cost-efficient castings and forgings


Fully-equipped quality and material labs in Europe and Asia to perform in-house tests


Over 150 qualified production locations around the globe

Local hero

Multiple offices worldwide: ELCEE is your local supplier in a global world

Supply chain

Organising the supply chain from production up to your production line

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Peter Slijkhuis
International Sales Director +31 78 654 47 57
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