Happy holidays!
Posted on: 19-12-2023

Happy holidays and a healthy 2024!

Thank You for Your Fine Cooperation in 2023!

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your invaluable support throughout the past year. At ELCEE, we celebrated our 100th anniversary, and your contribution played a significant role in our success.

Joining forces with Prins and ChinaWorks

Additionally, this year Prins and ChinaWorks have become part of the ELCEE group. By combining our strengths, we are able to expand our product range. We now offer you a wider and more diverse range of products and services, as well as increased flexibility and efficiency for your projects.

centennial celebration

2023 was a momentous year as it marked our centennial celebration. Founded in 1923 by Louis Cohen, ELCEE has emerged as a leading supplier of engineered industrial components. We have faced numerous challenges over the years but have established ourselves as a reliable and dependable partner in the market. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our incredible staff, to whom we are immensely grateful.

SOS Children’s Villages

However, we recognize that today’s value lies in securing tomorrow’s future. We firmly believe that children hold the key to the next 100 years, which is why we made a substantial donation to SOS Children’s Villages – an organization committed to providing loving homes for vulnerable children worldwide. By investing in their well-being today, we contribute towards building a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Thank you

We look forward to the future and the coming years with great enthusiasm. With your involvement and trust, we are confident that together we can achieve even greater milestones.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and a prosperous new year full of growth, happiness, and continued success!

Happy holidays!


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