ELCEE (Schweiz) AG acquires industrial components division of proXplus
Posted on: 23-07-2020

ELCEE Switzerland acquires industrial components division proXmech

We are pleased to announce that ELCEE Switzerland (ELCEE (Schweiz) AG) officially took over the industrial components activities “proXmech/Zeichnungsteile” of proXplus AG on Thursday the 16th of July. This will strengthen ELCEE’s activities in Switzerland. Former customers of proXplus’ industrial components division can now make use of ELCEE’s complete range of services. Conversely, this acquisition offers new product opportunities for ELCEE customers.

The journey continues

An active market approach is in line with ELCEE’s commercial strategy. By means of the Buy and Build strategy, ELCEE acquires an optimum position at the European market for industrial components. Synergy between product range and production possibilities are advantages that ELCEE’s customers experience. An active acquisition policy is one of the ways in which these benefits can be realised.

Customer contact in Switzerland

Country Manager ELCEE (Schweiz) Dragan Volic

Country Manager ELCEE (Schweiz) Dragan Volic

As a global organisation, ELCEE has a solid central engine and a great synergy between the local sales offices. ELCEE is customer-oriented and prefers to work with local contacts in order to serve customers as well as possible. A real connection with customers, based on reliability and knowledge, gives the best solutions. With Dragan Volic as Country Director for ELCEE (Schweiz) AG in combination with the customer portfolio of the industrial components branch of proXplus, we see a fine expansion of ELCEE in Switzerland.

Swiss focus

The customer base of ELCEE (Schweiz) AG is quite diverse and includes different machinery industries but also precision technology industries in the measuring instruments and medical equipment sector, as well as water infrastructure suppliers. Many customers use the possibilities of ELCEE in the field of investment casting, e.g. in stainless steel, or aluminium high-pressure die casting. With the acquisition of the industrial components division of proXplus, ELCEE is increasing its market share in machine-building and equipment manufacturing. The increased activity in the field of CNC machining also brings economies of scale. This results in efficiency and cost advantages for ELCEE’s total customer base.


ELCEE is a dynamic, ambitious company with clear growth objectives both nationally and internationally. As suppliers of castings, forgings, CNC parts, bearings and (welded) assemblies, ELCEE serves customers with products manufactured to high quality standards. Technical support, quality control and supply chain management are standard services with our products. ELCEE specialises in producing products in the right quality with various logistic concepts at the best cost for our customers. This makes ELCEE the customer’s choice for supplying and developing products according to customer specifications.

Would you like to know more about ELCEE (Schweiz) AG? Please contact Dragan Volic.

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Dragan Volic county manager ELCEE Switzerland
Dragan Volic
Country manager ELCEE Switzerland
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