Sharing knowledge with the force fusion team
Posted on: 11-02-2020

Force Fusion: sharing knowledge

ELCEE sponsors Force Fusion with knowledge and products to inspire students in the field of engineering. By giving a workshop on igus bearings and then supplying the desired plain bearings free of charge, we contribute to the robot that Force Fusion builds for the “FIRST Robotics Competition”.

Participating over winning

As a team, Force Fusion inspires students in the field of science and technology by participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Participating to this competition is more important than winning. Personal growth and the growth of the team in social and cognitive areas is a priority. Most important is to go to a competition, to experience the great atmosphere of professionalism and to help other teams to experience this to the fullest.

Ultimate Sport for the Mind

The FIRST Robotics Competition calls itself the “ultimate Sport for the Mind”. Participating students call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.” Student teams are challenged to design a “team brand”, improve teamwork skills, build & program industrial-size robots, and play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors.

Force fusion sharing knowledge ELCEEExtensive Slide Bearings Workshop

Converting a technical plan into an actually functioning robot is challenging. Many choices have to be made about the products and materials to be used. ELCEE supports Force Fusion with knowledge and actual products. Leendert Fase (product manager plain bearings) gave an extensive workshop to the students in which he informed and enthused them about the general technical possibilities of plain bearings and the applications of igus® plain bearings in particular. At Force Fusion’s construction site, the students had the opportunity to see, discuss and test more than 50 different variants of igus® plain bearings.

“It was a truly informative visit.”

Training variations

“Seeing how the students found the best fitting plain bearing solution with the help of knowledge from the inspiration session, was enormously enthusing.” Thus Leendert Fase. ELCEE offers different types of training. Usually these trainings are specifically tailored to the wishes of the trainees. However, basic product training, for example on plain bearings, is also possible.

“We will certainly use the knowledge we have gained today for this year’s robot.”


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