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Logo IndumesIndumes is specialised in the production and supply of technical components and assemblies to customer specifications. Applied production techniques are casting, forging, stamping, construction work, powder metallurgy and mechanical processing for various applications: from construction to automotive industry. International clients engage us for the development, production and delivery of technical products, components and assemblies. They can count on an excellent price/quality ratio and an extensive international network for outsourcing production. We offer solutions that produce the best results both technically and economically and also take care of the entire logistics.

Since our establishment in 1993, (As of 2020 Indumes is part of ELCEE) Indumes has worked and built on knowledge-intensive product development. The craftsmanship that has been built up from this is reflected in a wide range of products. We are proud of the fact that parts produced by us run factories, operate public transport and are used in housing construction. Professionalism and quality are preconditions for our innovative strength. With passion, creativity and commitment, our people work to create the best product for you.


  • Support with engineering
  • Advice on choosing the right production method
  • Quality control
  • Delivery of raw semi-finished products to fully assembled products including surface treatment and machining
  • Customer-specific packaging possible
  • Taking care of the entire logistics
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