ELCEE has a new look
Posted on: 27-05-2019

Innovation and growth inspire a new name and logo

As of january 1st 2019, all the companies of the ELCEE Group will use the same name and logo. The abbreviated name ELCEE is a perfect match with the sleek logo that radiates strength and expertise. ELCEE, which began as a family business in 1923, has grown explosively in recent years. Since 2014, the company has implemented a buy and build strategy, under the management of Mr Tjeu van Roij. The various companies in the ELCEE Group share the same passion and DNA, but to date they have all operated under their own brand name.

ELCEE is a global organisation with a solid central ‘driving force’ and a substantial degree of synergy between its companies. The company is customer-oriented and is the niche leader in terms of reliability and knowledge. Its genuine connection with its customers results in the best solutions. ELCEE specialises in the cost-efficient production of customer-specific components and assemblies, with an emphasis on engineered components. ELCEE thus is the perfect choice for customers wishing to develop engineered components.

ELCEE transforms welded assemblies into cost-efficient castings and forgings. Product optimisation plays an important role in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ELCEE is able to reduce labour costs and shorten production lines with well-thought-out designs. Thanks to its in-depth production expertise and close connection with its production sites, ELCEE can offer its customers the right solutions for specific technical applications.

Foundation for the future

With the new logo, ELCEE is building a solid foundation for future growth. A sleek logo that radiates strength and expertise, which reflects the group’s mission and vision more adequately. One single name and logo for all the companies of the ELCEE group underscores the sense of belonging to the group.

Transparency and clarity

The simplicity of the name and logo reflects the transparency and clarity of ELCEE’s approach: a global organisation with local offices around the world. You are always guaranteed a local contact, direct contact with the engineers and a practical approach to your challenge as a result.

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Contact ELCEE: E info@elcee.com or T +31 78 654 47 77.

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