Lifting and lashing with products from Gunnebo Industries
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Lifting and lashing

Lifting and lashing

ELCEE is an official importer of Kito Crosby and Gunnebo lifting components, from our modern warehouse our dealers are supplied daily with chain and parts from our extensive stock. Our supply programme further consists of an extensive range of lifting components, such as, for example, Crosby IP plate clamps, Crosby Straightpoint Load cells and Crosby wire rope accessories. We can also supply composite chainwork for specific applications. In addition, we are an agent of Flaig lifting magnets, both manually operated and a comprehensive range of electro-permanent magnets.

ELCEE has specialised in safe lifting and lashing for more than 25 years. Its quality brands and systems guarantee safety in the most extreme conditions.

Product range

  • Gunnebo GRABIQ and Classic components (Grade 10 and Grade 8), namely top and connecting links, hoisting chain, flap, and safety hooks, lifting eyes and shackles/tensioning screws by Gunnebo Anja
  • Kito ratchet hoists
  • Kito chain hoists
  • Kito electric chain hoists
  • Kito trolleys & beam clamps
  • Crosby lifting and chain components, shackles, and wire rope accessories
  • Crosby IP Lifting Clamps
  • Crosby Straightpoint measuring modules
  • Crosby McKissick lifting and crane blocks
  • Crosby Blockcam
  • Crosby and Gunnebo ROV, Offshore and HDG
  • Ratched load binders according to EN-12195-3
  • Lifting-related stainless steel
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