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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

This statement explains which personal data Elcee Group B.V. (hereinafter referred to as “ELCEE”) collects, what ELCEE does with those data and what rights you have as a data subject. As the data controller, ELCEE is responsible for how your personal data are processed. We will treat your personal data at all times in accordance with the current legislation pertaining to personal data, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable telecommunication rules.

ELCEE will not use your personal data for any other purposes than those described below or those that are compatible with the said purposes. Furthermore, your personal data are not kept longer than necessary for those purposes, unless we are legally required to keep your data for a longer period of time.


Via our website www.elcee.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) we process certain personal data as we will explain below.


ELCEE uses cookies on its Website. Cookies are simple, small files that are sent along with website pages and that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive. The Website uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for the website to work, and are used, for example, to remember your preference for a unit of measure, to determine whether you have accepted our terms and conditions, and to make our website work faster.

Analytical cookies

To measure the quality and effectiveness of the website, ELCEE uses analytical cookies, i.e. Google Analytics cookies, to measure the quality and effectiveness of our Website. These cookies have little or no impact on your privacy. ELCEE has signed a processor’s agreement with Google under which Google is not allowed to use the information obtained through these cookies for its own purposes and/or for other services. Furthermore, we ensure the masking of the last digits of your IP address and we have excluded the tracking of your online behaviour.

Tracking cookies

In addition, this website uses cookies that monitor your behaviour on our website.

You can automatically refuse the use of these cookies (or delete all cookies) via the settings of your browser. However, this may limit the functionality and ease of use of the website.

Contact form

ELCEE uses a contact form on its Website. You can use this form to contact one of our branches and/or subsidiaries in another region via our Website. In this connection we ask you to provide your first name, last name, email address and company name. This information enables us to respond to your question or comment and provide an explicit answer.


Should you wish to be kept informed about ELCEE’s latest news, you can sign up for our newsletter via our Website. To ensure that you will not receive any unwanted mailings from ELCEE, we will subsequently confirm your registration by email. Our newsletters keep you informed about our latest special offers, product developments, new products and other developments within ELCEE. To enable us to send out our newsletter, we need your email address. Although you are not obliged to give us your first name and where applicable also your last name, we do ask that you provide them so as to address you personally in our newsletter. We will email you up to 24 updates per year. At the bottom of each newsletter you are given the option to unsubscribe from these emails, in which case we will remove your data from our mailing list as soon as possible.


You can contact ELCEE for various purposes by telephone, email or letter. For instance, you might have questions or remarks, or you might want to request a quotation. In order to answer your request for information and depending on your question, we will need certain personal details. These are usually your name and full address, company name, telephone number and email address.


To draw up quotations, accept orders and deliver products and services, ELCEE needs your first and last names, company name, position within the company, Netherlands Trade Register number, full address, telephone number and email address. If you are self-employed, we will process your personal data by requesting your VAT number. Quotations are sent out by email or by post. ELCEE will also contact you by telephone to inform you about the sales process.


We also process certain personal data of our supplier and dealer contacts, namely their first and last names, email addresses and telephone numbers. We need these details to carry out agreements and to get in touch with those contacts quickly.


To ensure the safety of visitors on ELCEE’s premises, ELCEE uses camera images and visitors registration lists. The safety of ELCEE’s visitors justifies these measures.

Camera images

ELCEE’s premises are monitored by means of video surveillance in order to prevent crime and fraud. As a consequence, you can be recorded when you visit our premises. This is clearly indicated at our sites. These camera images are kept no longer than 40 days after being recorded, except in the event of an incident. In that case the relevant images are kept until the incident has been settled.

Visitors registration lists

A visitors registration list is kept to ensure that ELCEE knows how many people (including visitors) are present on its premises at any point in time. All visitors must register their name, company name, telephone number and arrival and departure times. In the event of an emergency situation, ELCEE can check by means of this registration list which visitors are still present in the building or on the grounds. The registration lists are kept for one week.


ELCEE has regular job vacancies. If you are looking for an interesting place to work, you can send your motivation letter and CV (possibly including your name, sex, date of birth, full address and telephone number) by email or by post. We will assess on the basis of this information whether you are suitable for the relevant position. We also need to know what training you have received, courses you have attended, if you have had any work placements, the nature and content of your previous (or current) job, as well as information regarding the termination of your current employment.

During the course of our selection procedure we will not share your information with other parties. Once the selection process has been completed, we will delete your personal data within four weeks after the close of the application procedure. We might wish to keep your CV in our system so as to keep you informed of any relevant job vacancies, in which case we will ask for your consent to do so. We will keep your personal data on record for up to 1 year.


In certain instances, ELCEE will need to provide your personal data to other parties, for instance if required for an agreement, if it is legally required, if we have your consent to share your details, or if we have a legitimate interest to do so.
Because ELCEE does not handle certain shipments and requests itself, ELCEE can possibly provide your personal data to other parties such as logistics parties and agents, airline companies and shipping companies. We will only provide details that are strictly necessary to have your shipment carried out. Usually these details are only your first and last names.
ELCEE might also have a credit check carried out, in which case ELCEE will provide your company name, address and Netherlands Trade Register number to service providers who can give ELCEE information about creditworthiness and payment history.
Some third parties process your data on behalf of ELCEE solely on the basis of our instructions. We have a processor’s agreement with these parties, which safeguards the protection of your details. As an example, we use mailing software to send out our newsletters.
Companies with which ELCEE shares personal data, for instance if this is necessary for the performance of an agreement, might be based outside the European Union. In that case, ELCEE only provides the personal data that are strictly necessary.
In the event that personal data are shared with parties outside the European Union, ELCEE makes sure that a European Commission adequacy decision applies for that third country. If that is not the case, we put suitable safeguards in place ourselves to protect your personal data by making contractual agreements regarding data protection, unless not this is not required under Article 49 of the General Data Protection Regulation.


ELSEE has taken appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data are treated in accordance with current legislation and that they are protected against unauthorised and unlawful processing, loss, destruction and/or damage. For instance, ELCEE employs strict safety procedures for the purpose of preventing such things as unauthorised access to your personal data.


To remain in control of your personal data, you have the right to request ELCEE for access, correction or removal of your personal data. Furthermore, you have the right to restrict or object to our processing of your personal data. You may also request us to hand over your personal data to you.
You have the right at all times to withdraw your consent for the processing your personal data. We will then immediately cease to process any data that we process solely on the basis of your consent.
You therefore have the right:
• To be told whether or not your personal data are being processed and, if that is the case, to review your personal data and other information about such;
• To have incorrect personal data corrected or have incomplete personal data supplemented;
• To have your personal data removed if the details are no longer required, if you withdraw your consent and there is no other legal basis for processing them, if you – justly – have objected to the processing, and/or if your personal data have been processing unlawfully;
• To restrict the processing if it is not certain whether your personal data are correct, if your personal data have been processed unlawfully, if your personal data are no longer necessary for us but you need them for a legal claim, and/or if you have lodged an objection against the processing and this objection is still being assessed;
• To obtain your personal data in a structured and electronic form and to transfer them or have them transferred – possibly directly – to another party.

You will receive a response within one month after receipt of your request. This period can be extended by two months, depending on the number of requests and their complexity. You will be informed of this extension within one month as well. Should you disagree with the contents of this response or with the rejection of your request, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) and to lodge an appeal with the courts.


ELCEE may change this privacy statement at any time. We therefore advise you to visit this page on a regular basis. Should you have any questions in relation to this privacy statement or the processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact us.

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