1 year ELCEE academy webinars
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1 year ELCEE academy; vote for repeat

1 year ELCEE academy; vote for repeat

We are proud to present 1 year of ELCEE academy webinars. To celebrate this, we are organising a festive month in April. A small selection of the webinars that have been held by the ELCEE academy in the past year will be broadcast on repeat for a month. This means you can watch the webinar 24 hours a day, every 15 minutes. Pre-registration is not required. Watch the webinar on the day and time that suits you best.

Which webinars will be broadcast on repeat for a month? You decide! Fill in the poll and watch your preferred webinars again.

  •  The whole month of April, the best webinars on repeat
  • Available every 15 minutes, no pre-registration needed
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What is ELCEE academy?

Get inspired by our webinars in half an hour. The webinars offer knowledge about new insights in materials, or about a traditional casting technique, but also fine subtle tips about the design process of a product that will help you put the last piece of the puzzle in place. This Inspiration leads to innovation, with which we can optimise your industrial components together.

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45 webinars

In our webinars we show why ELCEE is your partner. We do this by sharing our knowledge about industrial components and assemblies with you. We have given more than 45 webinars in one year. These webinars on topics such as self-lubricating bronze plain bearings or optimising sintered products will help you in your search.

Are you looking for help with complex internal cavities? We can use gravity die casting (low pressure casting) for your components or do you have questions about your forgings? Open die forging is the best choice when large components are required. We also offer the largest range of Tribo Top® composite bearings, bronze plain bearings and high-alloy steel plain bearings. Does this appeal to you?

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Achieve your goal

Participate in the informative webinars given by, among others, Peter Slijkhuis, who has been working for ELCEE since 1990. Or Frank Nijhof, who has been focusing on product development, production and engineering of engineered components for 30 years.

Our engineers are ready to transform your components into cost-effective castings, forgings and welded structures. Based on your unique specifications, we produce a wide range of materials, such as steel, (duplex) stainless steel, aluminium, iron, copper, metal and plastics Would you like advice from one of our engineers?

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Would you like a conversation? We would like to share our knowledge in a personal training session or webinar of your choice. Our training sessions allow us to set up a project with your unique specifications and requirements. The webinars give us the opportunity to get you up to speed, of course we can give you more interesting information one on one. Do you have a specific webinar that appealed to you?

We look forward to your response!

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