High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting

aluminium or zinc alloy products at affordable prices

High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting is used to manufacture aluminium, plastic or zinc alloy products at very affordable product prices.


  • The dimensional accuracy is excellent
  • Suitable for small and complex thin-walled parts
  • The quality of the products is consistent
  • Low unit price compared with gravity die casting or sand casting
  • High production speed

Possible alloys

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Zinc alloys (such as Zamak)
  • Magnesium alloys

Technical specifications

  • The commonly used aluminium casting tolerance table for linear dimensions is CT6 according to ISO 8062 (wall thicknesses CT7)
  • The weight depends on the alloy: 30 grams to around 10 kg (depending on the shape)
  • Casting surface roughness: ± Ra 6.3 μm
  • Maximum dimensions: 650 mm
  • Minimum casting wall thickness for aluminium: 2.5 mm, maximum of 8-10 mm. The wall thickness should be kept as uniform as possible. There should be no material accumulations. The strength can be obtained with reinforcement ribs.
  • The geometric tolerances that are required for the function should be specified in the drawing. The minimum draft angle depends on the height of the wall or rib. The higher it is, the smaller the required minimum draft angle. Minimum draft from 0.5°

Finishing options

  • Technical anodising, but not decorative (it turns a mottled matt black)
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Blasting
  • Vibra-polishing
  • Primer, wet painting and powder coating.
aluminium injection, part of the process high pressure die casting

Process high pressure die casting

A video that shows the process of high pressure die casting.

Highlights high pressure die casting

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