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Sign up for our free webinars @ the ELCEE Academy

Sign up for our free webinars

Join our inspiring webinars given by our experts and learn all about engineered components, castings, forgings, plain bearings and more!

With over 100 years of experience in the field of engineered components, we have a great deal of knowledge that we are happy to share. Normally we share our knowledge through physical training on site. A tour around our showroom or a visit to your production site by one of our account managers. Unfortunately none of this is possible right now. Fortunately, the current technology offers a lot of great opportunities. We have prepared a series of webinars in which you can participate for free. Register right now!

Series of webinars

From May 7th we will start with a series of webinars, all given by our technical experts and in English. You can join 1 webinar or all of them. The choice is yours. At the ELCEE Academy webpage you can see an overview of the current webinars. Click on the link and register for the relevant webinar. After your registration you will receive a unique link to follow the webinar. The webinars can only be followed after personal registration.

  • Duration of the webinars: 30 minutes
  • Costs: free

Technical webinar tips

  • Make sure you have a sufficiently high quality internet connection so that the connection is not disconnected halfway through the webinar and you have to log in again.
  • View the webinar in an up-to-date browser for optimal quality. For example, Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer is an old browser and is therefore not recommended.

Webinar schedule


Registration link

When to use casting​ May 7th Register for this webinar
How to choose a plain bearing May 12th Register for this webinar
Change a welding into a casting May 14th Register for this webinar
Bearing problem solved (typical app)​ May 19th Register for this webinar
Silica Sol + Water glass casting​ May 26th Register for this webinar
Design of castings (CAD/FEM/Simulation)​ May 28th


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