In 1923, Louis Cohen started the company "Louis Cohens IJzerwaren", holding office in the beautiful white house in Rotterdam.
Publicerat den:17-01-2023

ELCEE 100 years

Where it all began. In 1923, Louis Cohen started the company from which today’s ELCEE was founded: “Louis Cohens IJzerwaren” holding office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. November 1st 2023 ELCEE celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Where it all began. Louis Cohen opened a hardware store called “Louis Cohens IJzerwaren” on the street “Binnenweg” in Rotterdam in 1923. During the first days of World War II, 14 May 1940, the city of Rotterdam was bombed. That day, Louis’ shop and warehouse were also severely damaged. To continue his business, he rented office space in the White House from a friend.

“Witte huis”

The White House is and office that characterises Rotterdam’s streetscape in a unique way and is one of the few buildings in inner-city Rotterdam that survived the bombing of World War II. The building was based on American skyscrapers and ahead of its time, for example, it had a lift to the platform on the roof and it was the tallest building in the city. Read more about the building on wikipedia. Witte Huis – Wikipedia

ELCEE 100 years

1 November ELCEE celebrates its 100th anniversary. This year, we will pay attention to this milestone in several ways. Because we are proud that the company has grown over the past hundred years into the company it is today.

  • 250 employees
  • 15 locations worldwide
  • Technical centres in CN, NL and PL
  • Warehouses in BE, CN, DK, NL, PL and SE

The White House is an imposing building that certainly defines Rotterdam’s cityscape. Read more about the building on wikipedia. Witte Huis – Wikipedia

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